Lee County 9-1-1

When Seconds Count

Cross Reference Index

The Lee County 9-1-1 map book includes a reference index that attempts to provide different ways to find a rural road. You need to know one of the following: Lee Road Number, Old Road Name, Old County Road Number, State Highway Number, or U.S. Highway Number. The Old County Road Numbers are no longer in use but are included for reference only. Rural Road Names may appear in the index but not on the map pages. The road may have been known as the name listed. To use the index for Rural Roads, you should go to the appropriate index and look up the name or number; there you will find the map reference and alternate names and/or number designations for each rural road. Note that the Lee Road Numbers should appear in all rural indexes. A Rural Road that has a Lee Road Number in no way indicates that Lee County owns the “right-of-way” to that road. The Lee Road Numbers are assigned to assist with finding roads in the rural parts of the county. County maintenance of a Rural Road is left to County Commission Guidelines as determined by the Lee County Commission.

The Indexes for the Cities are separate for the Rural Indexes. To use the Indexes for the Cities and Towns, go to the appropriate Index in the Map Book and look for the road name and then turn to the page number indicated.
Longitude and Latitude are included in the Map Book for reference only. This will attempt to assist those persons that need to locate something by Longitude/Latitude.

Addressing Systems

The addressing system for Rural Lee County is based on a house numbering system that attempts to utilize a distance measuring system. This house numbering system is based on 5.28 feet per house number. This system is based on the mileage system to attempt to allow the user to utilize an odometer in a vehicle to find addresses in the rural areas. For the record, it is the responsibility of each and every person that lives in any type of structure to “POST” their house number where it can be seen by emergency responders at the driveway, on the house, etc., so that emergency responders can determine the location of a possible emergency if they are responding to an emergency call at that location. Under the Rural Addressing System, each 1000 house numbers represents 1 mile. Each 100 house numbers represents one-tenth of a mile. An example of this is the house number 1500 which would be 1.5 miles (one and one-half) from the beginning of the Rural Road. In the rural areas, most even numbers are on the right and odd numbers are on the left coming from the beginning of the road. Roads in Lee County have a Lee Road Number. The house number (in front of the address) and the road number (at the end of the address) compose the official rural address of the location in the rural areas of the county. Users of this book should take note that each rural address has two (2) numbers with the first number being the house number and the last number being the road number of the rural road. House number ranges are placed on the map pages to give approximate locations.

The addressing systems used in the City of Auburn, Opelika, and Phenix City are based on a grid type of numbering system. House number ranges are placed on the map to indicate approximate locations. The addressing systems used in Cusseta, Loachapoka, Waverly, and Notasulga use Road Names as indicated in the Indexes. Chambers County utilizes road numbers also for their rural roads. However, rural roads in Chambers County are called “County Road ###” whereas rural roads in Lee County are called “Lee Road ###”.

Lee County Area Map

This map was prepared with information supplied from public sources. Lee County E9-1-1 has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of these maps and indexes. All locations are approximate. Lee County E9-1-1 (and the employees of Lee County E9-1-1) are not responsible for errors and/or omissions in the data supplied to us or for any absence of materials not available to us at the time of printing. Lee County E9-1-1 (and the employees of Lee County E9-1-1) are not responsible for any accuracy of the information contained in these books. The books have no warranty. The information contained in these map books, maps and indexes are the property of Lee County E9-1-1. Under no conditions is this book or any part thereof to be reproduced, copied, printed, etc., in part or in whole with the permission of the Lee County Communications District Board of Commissioners. Current to Approximately May 1, 2007. COPY RIGHT 2007

This map book is being printed under contract and is produced in cooperation with the LEE COUNTY E9-1-1 Coordinator, the Lee County E9-1-1 Addressing Technician, The Lee County E9-1-1 Mapping Technician.COPYRIGHT 2007